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Why smart cart market is a promising market ?

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It was surveyed that Global Smart Shopping Cart Market size was estimated at USD 873.36 million in 2020, USD 1,103.41 million in 2021, and is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.97% to reach USD 4,646.39 million by 2027. Actually , it can be seen that smart shopping cart market has great potential , meanwhile , more and more startups have entered into the smart shopping cart race .

There are 6 reasons that make the smart cart market a promising market .

(1) The demand for frictionless shopping has increased .

Due to Covid-19 , customers prefer to shop online , as online shopping provides customers frictionless shopping experience and seems quite safe .

In a traditional shopping scene , customers have to contact with others , so customers would rather choose shopping online and reduce the items to visit supermarket . The reason behind which is that the demand for frictionless shopping has increased .

Smart shopping cart is sure a good tool to help provide a frictionless shopping trip .

(2) Customers shopping experience need to be improved .

Customers always encounter the problems of waiting in line at the cash counter , this may dissatisfy customers . In other words , customers ‘ shopping experience has been remain unchanged for a long time .

Customers are eager for improved shopping experience , the smart shopping cart supports customers purchase items by themselves and check out by themselves , thus customers don’t need to wait in line any more .

So this accelerates retailers to deploy smart shopping cart project .

(3) More participants has joined the smart shopping cart race .

In 2020 , the US commercial giant Amazon revealed its smart shopping cart-Dash cart , then more and more startups choose to join the smart shopping cart race .

More and more participants are Phenomenon to show that the smart shopping cart market is a promising market .

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(4) Covid-19 has asked the general public to keep safe social distance .

During the pandemic , the general public are asked to keep safe distance in public places . Indeed , keeping safe distance has became an essential measure in post-pandemic era .

A smart shopping cart could sure help customers to keep safe distance when they are shopping ,as it accompany customers and help customers purchase items easily ,customers don’t need to ask the supermarket staff for help any more .

(5) Digital technology has been recognized by retailers .

Digital technology has been recognized by retailers , in middle east , some clients even shared that their whole country are seeking for digital transformation .

Smart shopping cart could acquire customers’ portraits  as well as items stock on the shelf , which enable retailers know their customers and store very well . So smart shopping cart has been recognized by more and more retailers .

(6) The demand for smart retail solutions has increased .

“Technology could change our lives and make our lives better .” Retailers demand for these smart retail solutions , including electronic labels ,smart self-serving scale , self check-out machine ,and smart shopping cart have increased .

All these factors have contributed to the development of the smart shopping cart market .

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