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Top 3 questions regarding the smart shopping cart technology from the retailer's perspective?

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With contactless shopping on the rise, more and more retailers are beginning to partner with Superhii Inc, the leading smart shopping cart developer in China. Smart shopping cart technology is still a cutting-edge technology in the retail industry. Up to now, Superhii Inc has contacted lots of retailers and found that there are 3 questions retailers concern most about the smart shopping cart technology.

(1) How can the smart shopping cart system be connected to the supermarket ERP system?

A smart shopping cart screen could display items’ prices and information just like the supermarket, even the sales promotional information can be displayed on the smart cart screen automatically.

Many retailers wonder how could this be achieved, actually, this is a basic process, the smart shopping cart system needs to be integrated with the supermarket ERP system, besides, the smart shopping cart system needs to learn all items’ information.

While the system connection work is not so complex, Superhii Inc provides the smart shopping cart system API and the software team could connect it with the supermarket ERP system. Superhii Inc will also present the interface document to facilitate the debugging of the technical personnel of both parties. Once the connection is debugged, the smart shopping cart can obtain the price, name, discount, and other information of the items in the supermarket.

Items’ learning can be implemented by supermarket staff or by the smart shopping cart itself.

(2) How will the smart shopping cart use the cloud service? Does it use a private cloud?

A smart shopping cart has hardware and software, software system is an important component of the whole smart shopping cart system.

Services provided by the smart shopping cart software need to be deployed on the cloud server. Superhii Inc has partnered with a leading cloud server supplier, and some services are deployed on this cloud server.

Up to now, we don’t support retailers using a private cloud server, but we could ensure data safety stored in our public cloud server.

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(3) Does the smart shopping cart support weighing fruits and vegetables?

And does the smart shopping cart support multiple languages?

Whether the smart shopping cart support weigh fruits and vegetables is an important issue customer care about.

Regrading the Superhii smart shopping cart of the standard version, the smart cart doesn’t support weighing fruits and vegetables, because, in China, fruits and vegetables are weighed through a weighing platform by dedicated supermarket staff.

If retailers are calling for the features of weighing fruits and vegetables, Superhii Inc has the ability to develop a smart cart that has these features.

The good news is that this feature is easy to develop and customized, the smart shopping cart now has multiple languages that can support several languages. This is quite friendly for customers in a foreign country. (Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin)

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