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SuperHii has been reported by APAC CIO Outlook magazine

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Recently, APAC CIO Outlook, a well-known Asia-Pacific magazine media, selected and reported the TOP 10 retail technology solution companies in the Asia-Pacific region in 2024 in its retail sector-related columns, and SuperHii was among the list.

APAC CIO Outlook stated in its report that “As the retail landscape evolves, there are some key factors and trends that may profoundly affect the in-store shopping experience across the Asia-Pacific region, and SuperHii, a company specializing in innovative smart shopping carts, is reshaping the future of customers’ shopping experience in retail supermarket.”

APAC CIO Outlook reports as follows:

SuperHii was reported

Many people may not know about APAC CIO Outlook magazine. APAC CIO Outlook is a monthly magazine published by Silicon Valley in the United States. It is a print magazine media that provides a communication platform for CIOs, CTOs, other IT senior management decision-makers, and solution providers. CIO Outlook mainly shares the experience, wisdom and suggestions of the IT community in the Asia-Pacific region.

It can be said that the selection and reports of APAC CIO Outlook magazine provide corporate decision-makers in the Asia-Pacific region with some information that can deeply understand the unique value of SuperHii Co., Ltd. such as product functions, company advantages, vision and roadmap, etc.

SuperHii was reported

In fact, since its establishment in 2015, SuperHii has grown into a global leader in supermarket digital solutions, focusing on innovative smart shopping cart technology. SuperHii Co.,Ltd. is known for its focus on R&D and technological innovation, and improves the operational efficiency and revenue growth of offline retail by changing the shopping experience of retailers and hyper-store users.

It is precisely based on this that SuperHii is well-deserved to be selected as one of the top ten retail technology solution providers in the Asia-Pacific region, and APAC CIO Outlook commented that "this company focuses on innovative smart shopping carts." SuperHii Co., Ltd.  is reshaping the future of retail supermarket shopping experience" is undoubtedly the best interpretation of SuperHii’s product vision.

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Founded in August, 2015, SuperHii  Co., Ltd. is a world-class digital solution provider for supermarkets, a forerunner for smart shopping cart solutions as well as a supplier of well-known smart shopping cart R&D at home and abroad.

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