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SuperHii S800 smart shopping trolley won the 2024 IF Design Award

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Recently, the SuperHii S800 model smart shopping cart won the 2024 German iF Design Award . In the eyes of the jury, “both the creativity and function design of S800 are all excellent.”

SuperHii smart shopping trolley

SuperHii S800 model smart shopping trolley is one of the most core and consumer-friendly models launched by SuperHii Co., Ltd. in the year 2023. S800 model smart shopping trolley has super powerful functions, pleasant and comfortable design language as well as provide customers smooth and convenient functional experience, it meets the diverse needs of customers when shopping.

The S800 model smart shopping trolley also supports mobile phone charging and coffee cup placement during shopping, thereby better enhancing consumers' shopping experience and eliminating anxiety about mobile phone battery life. S800 model smart shopping trolley is not only a shopping trolley, but also a tool that can accompany consumers to complete shopping happily and conveniently.

S800 contains humanized and comfortable design

The humanized design from SuperHii brand features is perfectly integrated into the smart trolley,

The handle angle and handleless design make it easy to grasp and pick up and place items into the cart,

The smart shopping guide screen is designed according to the height of adult customers, thus customers can interact conveniently without bending down;

The simple design inspiration that has the same origin as the SuperHii brand fully radiates,

Only clear lines are used to shape the smart shopping trolley,

Streamlined lines and regular slopes form the smart shopping trolley,

Supplemented by special texture to create a car basket, it is both beautiful and load-bearing;

A combination of environmentally friendly materials with the same origin as green,

Original one-piece molding process,

Selected modified PP and other environmentally friendly material combinations,

The environmentally friendly spirit of being durable, strong, recyclable, and resource-closed is fully demonstrated on the smart shopping trolley.

S800 inherits the functional point design of SuperHii smart shopping cart models.

It combines multiple smart shopping experiences such as smart shopping guide, item recognition, precision marketing, and self-service checkout,

It combines multiple intelligent management experiences such as cross-charging, intelligent loss prevention, positioning navigation, item recommendation, etc.

The smart shopping cart design perfect interpreted the concept of pursuing the ultimate in craftsmanship. (Author:SuperHii, Cindy Xin)

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