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Some questions and answers about the smart shopping cart 

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Smart shopping cart is now popular in the retail industry, and deploying smart shopping cart in the retail grocery store is also very fashionable and practical. More and more retailers and Integrators are planning to order and deploy smart shopping carts in their stores and supermarkets.

As a leading smart shopping cart manufacturer, Superhii has received lots of inquiries about the smart shopping cart. But the clients have many worries and questions about the smart shopping cart.

So I list some questions and answers about Superhii smart shopping cart for reference.

(1) What is a smart shopping cart?

A smart shopping cart is a new shopping cart that supports customers to scan items’ bar codes by themselves and check out by themselves, so a smart shopping cart can provide customers frictionless shopping experience and quicken customers shopping journey.

(2) How does a smart shopping cart work?

The Superhii smart shopping cart uses a combination of artificial intelligence and weight sensor algorithms to identify items customers aim to the bar code scanner. Then the smart shopping cart will display items’ prices on the touch-able screen one by one.

You can see your real-time shopping list on the touch-able screen, when you have finished your shopping, the smart shopping cart charges you and you can leave the supermarket from a dedicated lane.

(3) What are some features of a smart shopping cart?

The smart shopping cart has some distinct features that could provide you improved shopping experience.

The intelligent shopping cart has a touch-able screen that could help interact with you. The smart shopping cart also has a charging port that supports your charge for your mobile phones. Besides, the intelligent shopping cart has been integrated with the payment system and can help you pay for your shopping bill via the cart.

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(4) How can I charge for a smart shopping cart?

A smart shopping cart has a battery inside it, but don’t worry, the battery could support the smart cart working continuously for 16 hours. Superhii Inc has also developed an excellent magnetic charging system, 20 units of smart shopping carts can be fully charged at the same time, which saves a lot of time and space for retailers.

(5) What benefits can the smart shopping cart bring to us?

Smart shopping cart brings benefits to both retailers and customers, for retailers, smart shopping cart collects customers’ shopping data and shopping behaviors, thus precise marketing can be achieved in physical retail for the first time. Besides, a smart shopping cart helps increase per customer transaction.

For customers, a smart shopping cart provides a new shopping journey that is full of entertainment. You can enjoy shopping by yourself and no longer need to wait in line.

For branders, they have a new channel to post their ads: the smart shopping cart screen, they can stimulate customers to purchase immediately. (Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin )

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