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Smart shopping cart project in ALL Day supermarket has attracted more people shop there

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All Day supermarket is a well-known and innovative supermarket which has deployed smart shopping cart project , and is also the only supermarket to deploy smart shopping cart . In the Philippines ,More and more people shopped in All Day supermarket to experience this fantastic smart shopping cart technology .

More people visited ALL Day supermarket ,more attractive the supermarket will be .

(1) ALL Day supermarket has always been at the forefront of innovation .

ALL Day supermarket is a chain supermarket in the Philippines , which has 33 branches stores across the Philippines . ALL Day supermarket put emphasize on innovation and technology , and always learns from the best supermarket in the world .

In recent years , smart shopping cart has became a hot-discussed product in retail industry , more and more retailers are interested in smart shopping cart . ALL Day supermarket also found advantages of smart shopping cart and has determined to start a smart shopping cart business plan .

They have also learned that smart shopping cart project is easy to deploy ,there is no need to change the infrastructure of their store .

(2) Superhii smart shopping cart emerged in All Day supermarket has became the first smart cart in the Philippines .

People in the Philippines know there are smart shopping carts in ALL Day supermarket from various channels , including Youtube ,Tiktok ,Google , etc . They rushed to ALL Day supermarket to experience it ,even take photos and videos of the smart shopping cart . Then more and more people know ALL Day supermarket as well as the smart shopping carts in this supermarket .

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In March 2022 , Superhii Inc together with its partner Geoplan PH Inc ,launched Superhii smart shopping carts in ALL Day supermarket.  All Day supermarket has became the first and only store which has deployed smart cart .

(3)Smart shopping cart has brings convenience to both retailers and customers .

ALL Day supermarket posted smart shopping cart user guidelines on every smart cart , so the using process has became much easier .

Smart shopping cart provides customers with seamless and frictionless shopping experience .Using a smart shopping cart for shopping , customers don’t need to ask supermarket staff for help to finish their shopping journey ,self-service shopping can be achieved .Customers don’t need to wait in line any longer , the smart cart supports them check out on the cart . Shopping using a smart shopping cart is also very safe during the pandemic , as it is a kind of self-service shopping way .r

A smart shopping cart looks modern and full of high-tech , smart shopping carts in ALL Day supermarket also improves the brand image .

Besides , the smart shopping cart has increased customers’ shopping satisfaction , then customers visited ALL Day supermarket much frequently .

This means smart shopping carts bring convenience to both retailers and customers .(Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin )

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