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Smart shopping cart Walmart is a new try to embrace digitization

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Walmart is always a pioneer in trying new technology to realize retail digitization and transformation . Now there are 20 units smart shopping carts in Walmart ,  Shenzhen stores .For Walmart ,this is a new try to embrace digitization but not the first time .

So why did Walmart start to deploy smart shopping cart project and start to seek for digital transformation ?

There are three reasons :

(1) Walmart always put an emphasize on innovation .

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world and is developing very fast in recent years . The main reason is that Walmart put an emphasize on innovation , there is an innovation department in Walmart . The dedicated staff are responsible for seeking for new cutting-edge product and technical products to improve customers’ shopping experience .

(2) Smart shopping cart is an appropriate product to Walmart .

Just as other retailers , Walmart also faces with difficulties and problems , such as long queues at the cash counter ,customers’ diverse requirements , low efficiency of the physical retail and frictionless shopping requirements .

Apart from smart shopping cart , Walmart also brings in other technical equipment , including smart self-service scale ,etc .

Smart shopping cart supports customers scan items by themselves and check out by themselves .Along with the self-service scale , customers can finish their shopping process all by themselves .Waiting in line no longer exists .

After customers scan items’ bar codes , the automatic billing system of the smart shopping cart will display items’ information and the bill information automatically . When customers need to buy fruits and vegetables , they could directly weigh fruits and vegetables on the self-service scale , the scale will print customers a bar code ,and then customers can finish the purchasing process just as they buy other ordinary items . That is to say , the smart shopping cart could provide a frictionless shopping experience .

So we say smart shopping cart is an appropriate product to Walmart .

smart shopping cart walmart

(3) Smart shopping cart could really help Walmart achieve digital transformation .

The smart shopping cart enables retailers acquire customers’ shopping data and then send precise coupons and promotional information to customers based on their shopping time .

This is the first time in physical retail that retailers can get access to customers’ information .The more retailers know about customers , the better service and items they can provide customers .

From retailers perspective , this will greatly help retailers serve customers and provide customers better service .

“We have started this smart shopping cart project in 1 year ago ,at first , we were attracted by the fantastic functions of the smart shopping cart , then we started a trail project ,it has been proved that the smart shopping cart is much welcomed in the supermarket . And our sales revenue have increased due to the smart shopping cart project ”Said Mr Lee , innovative department manager in Walmart supermarket .(Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin )

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