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I like shopping using a smart shopping cart as it is very convenient

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As a housewife , I always go to supermarket nearby our house to buy daily necessities ,including fruits and vegetables . Last month , I found there were some smart shopping carts in the supermarket ,and I was interested in the smart shopping cart as it looked so cool .


Following the supermarket staff’s instruction , I began my shopping using a smart shopping cart . The smart cart asked me to log in with my mobile phone number or Wechat scanning , and when I aimed items nearby the bar code scanner , the automatic billing system in the smart shopping cart worked then items’ detailed information was displayed on the touch-able screen . I also found that I could get coupons and promotions at a certain area , for instance , when I was at the fruits and vegetables area , I received some apples and grapes coupons .When I walked into the foods area , I received some biscuits and snacks coupons . These coupons are ready to use .

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As the bar code scanner is right on the front side of the tablet , it is very convenient and nature for me to put items into the smart shopping cart basket after I scanned items . I thought the shopping trip using a smart shopping cart was very interesting and full of entertainment .


After I have finished selecting items , I clicked “total” buttons and acquired my shopping bill , I settled directly on the smart cart . I gave a glimpse of some customers who were using the ordinary shopping cart , they had to wait in line at the cash counter . I left the supermarket in the envious eyes of those customers . I was very satisfied with the smart shopping cart in China .


From then on , I used smart shopping cart every time when I went to the supermarket for shopping . Honestly speaking , I like shopping using a smart shopping cart as it was really convenient and efficient .(Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin)

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