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Due to these 3 reasons , retailers determine to deploy smart shopping cart project

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Retail industry are facing with challenges that they have never faced with before ,for example , the shopping way customers shop in a physical store has remain unchanged for long years ; New technologies emerged in the market but there are little new technological product in retail industry ; Covid-19 pushed more pressure to physical retail industry .

Under this circumstance , this cutting-edge technical product ,smart shopping cart has gained more attention from the whole retail industry . More and more retailers have determined to deploy smart shopping cart project in their retail stores .

There are mainly 3 reasons behind this phenomenon ;

(1) Covid-19 has asked customers to keep safe distance with each other  ,smart shopping cart is a good tool to solve this problem .

Covid-19 has caused big impact on people’ s lifestyle , in public places  ,for example , in retail store and supermarket ,customers are asked to wear facial masks and keep safe distance with each other . This is hard to realize in a traditional shopping scene .

A smart shopping cart has a bar code scanner which could support customers scan items’ bar codes by themselves , the automatic billing system would then display item’ s price and cost automatically . After customers finishing selecting items , the smart shopping cart would then charge customers , customers could pay for their shopping bill via the cart and leave the supermarket from a dedicated lane .

In the whole shopping process , customers don’t need to contact with others ,even in the checking out process .

(2) The labour cost and operating cost is becoming higher and higher , smart shopping cart is a good tool to eliminate cost .

The whole society are facing problems in the aging of the population that have never been faced before ,which has caused severe labour shortage and higher labour cost .

Besides , the operating cost is becoming higher and higher due to increasing rent fees ,management fees ,etc .

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Smart shopping cart could be a substitute of cashier and supermarket staff , it can handle all cashiers’ work and some of the supermarket staff’s work .

After deploying smart shopping cart project in supermarket , retailers could hire less cashiers and supermarket staffs .It’s a good way to help eliminate cost .

(3) Customers have got bored and annoyed about the shopping way in a physical store , smart shopping cart is a good tool to improve customers shopping experience .

The ordinary shopping cart has been developed for many years , customers have got bored and annoyed about the traditional shopping way ,especially when they have to wait in line at the cash counter .

Smart shopping cart collects and records customers’ shopping behaviors and then formulate customers’ shopping data . Based on these data , smart shopping cart send pop-ups and precise coupons to customers at right occasion .

Shopping using a smart shopping cart is full of entertainment and full , smart shopping cart also has charging port to support customers charge for their mobile phones .

Smart shopping cart project could surely improve customers’ shopping experience .(Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin )

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