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Cashiers will lose their jobs as the smart shopping cart using automatic billing system has emerged

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Imagine a scene in your brain : You walk into a supermarket and begin to go shopping using a smart shopping cart , you select items and scan the items by yourself , after that , you put the item into the cart . After you have finished the selecting process , you will get your bill automaticlly , then you pay for the bill and leave the supermarket immediately . Actually , this could not just an imagination ,this has came true in China .


The shopping process might sound fantastic considering that customers only use the ordinary shopping cart at present . Superhii technology company , a leading smart shopping cart developer in China , has developed smart shopping carts successfully and launched smart shopping carts  in retail stores . Superhii is trying to help retailers reshape the efficiency of retailing and help customers improve shopping experience via its smart shopping cart .

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But more than that, Superhii’s CEO ,Chengkun says that :” The Superhii smart shopping cart has dual cameras,weight sensors , 4G Wifi module ,it can collect all the shopping data in the shopping process and process these data to useful data assets . Retailers could do accurate marketing  based on these data . ” he says.

Even though , there are still many people don’t like the smart shopping cart ,they fear that cashiers will lose their jobs . Actually , the smart shopping cart would replace the cashier’s work totally . New technical product emerged to bring us more convenience and comfortableness ,so does the smart shopping cart . Every time when new technical product emerged , some jobs will be replaced ,this indicates the technology progress .


From retailers perspective , the smart shopping cart could support customers do self-service settlement directly on the cart ,in this case , customers needn’t stand in line any more . The smart shopping cart could send various coupons to various customers based on the shopping data , this could bring benefits to customers .  What’s more , the smart shopping cart has an antibacterial handle , it can help ensure the safety and health of the customer .


From retailers perspective , the smart shopping cart provide a quick shopping process for customers meanwhile improve the efficiency of retail . Also , smart shopping cart using automatic billing system is also the best way to make digital transformation . (Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin )

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