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An article helps you understand the smart cart shopping cart

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What is the Superhii cart? It’s a smart shopping cart that asks customers to scan items’ bar codes when purchasing items and supports customers checking out directly on the smart cart.


The Superhii smart cart features a bar code scanner that recognizes items as customers aim items’ bar codes at it. The smart cart shopping cart also has an automatic billing system that displays items’ price, name, weight, and place of origin on the touch-able screen right on the top of the smart cart.

The touch-able screen also provides a running total for in-cart items and a built-in sensor for loss prevention. The Superhii smart cart also features a charging port that supports customers’ mobile phones fully charged. Superhii Inc has developed 3 models of smart cart, the newest model, the S800 model smart cart shopping cart has a larger capacity and features a flexible scanning gun which is convenient to scan and recognize larger items.


Superhii smart cart shopping cart has various functions, for example, it supports customers to purchase items by themselves and check out by themselves on the cart. The smart cart shopping cart also sends coupons and promotional information to precise customers. Indoor navigation is also included in the smart cart functions.

Customers can complete payments on their cart and walk out, tapping into the contactless, cashierless trend.

The smart cart shopping cart is an important and inevitable step in connecting the customers’ activity in a new and digital way. It represents the new trend of physical grocery stores and supermarket development.

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Smart cart shopping cart trends

Superhii smart cart shopping cart is not the only smart cart in the retail market, the online commercial giant Amazon released its own smart shopping cart -the Dash Cart -in July 2020.

The Dash Cart features cameras, sensors, and a scale to automatically detect and log items on a digital display behind the handle. The tech giant, which also created “Just Walk Out” technology for its Go convenience stores and select full-size grocery stores, has introduced the carts at some of its Fresh grocery stores over the last two years.

Dash cart shopping cart has attracted lots of attention from the whole retail industry. It also reflects a trend that more and more physical retailers are thinking about digital transformation ways to improve their shopping efficiency and improves customers’ shopping experience.

As a smart shopping cart could help customers skip the cash counter and provide them with a frictionless shopping experience, it surely improves customers’ shopping experience. The smart shopping cart also quickens the shopping pace, so shopping efficiency has been improved. For example, customers don’t have to wait in line, and finding items they want is easier, too . (Author: Superhii , Cindy Xin )

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