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3 reasons that I persist in suggesting a smart shopping cart project

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The year 2021 brought some promising signs of smart shopping cart market ,with quantities of smart shopping cart in the market on the rise .Also , more and more startup choose to join into the smart shopping cart race  .What’s more  , more and more retailers are planning to deploy a smart shopping cart project in their retail stores .It’s another sign that the smart shopping cart market is growing .

As an ordinary retail store owner ,I persist in suggesting a smart shopping cart project .There are three reasons :

(1) Smart shopping cart could improve customers shopping experience so as to attract more customers .

Built in bar code scanner and other multiple algorithm ,smart shopping cart supports customers scan items by themselves and check out by themselves .This means that neither the customer needs to contact with others ,nor the customer needs to wait for checking out at the cash counter .During the pandemic , all customers don’t want to contact with others ,waiting in line will also increase the risk of being infected .Waiting in line is also a waste of time for modern people , as time is becoming more and more precious for everyone .

A smart shopping cart could help solve all these questions so as to improve customers’ shopping experience and attract more customers .

“Customers are the God “ , when customers’ shopping experience improved , customers’ satisfaction will increase , thus the supermarket will be favoured by more customers .

(2) Smart shopping cart could help reduce labour cost

As the whole society has entered into aging society , labour cost has been growing year by year ,especially in some developed countries . If retailers hire fewer cashiers ,during rush hours ,customers have to wait in line for long time ,customers’ complaints will increase .If retailers hire more cashiers , the labour cost will increase , besides , in general hours , most cashiers will be free . Smart shopping cart is much cheaper than a cashiers’ salary ,moreover , smart shopping cart can work continuously for 12-16hours in a working day .

smart shopping cart project deployed in supermarket

After deploying a smart shopping cart project ,retailers only need to hire fewer cashiers , the whole labour cost will sure decrease .

(3) Smart shopping cart could increase per customer transaction

As a smart shopping cart could send various ads to precise customers at various time ,retailers and branders could set and send precise items’ information or coupons to customers at appropriate time or place . For example , if you purchases a toothbrush via the smart shopping cart , the cart will recommend you some toothpaste coupons . This will help increase per customer transaction .

The coupons and related items recommendation function is a very good reminder ,which could remind customers to purchase more items .When every customers’ transaction increased , the whole sales revenue of the supermarket will surely increase .(Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin )

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