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What questions can the smart shopping cart solve for customers ?

The smart shopping cart is a very good tool for customers to realize quick shopping . And a lot of supermarkets have deployed smart shopping cart project now . Every time when the new technology emerged , many questions can be solved .

So what questions can the smart shopping cart solve for customers ?

One big question the smart shopping cart can solve is that the long queues at the cash counter . Usually ,there is a long queue at the cash counter ,customers have to stand in line waiting for checking out .Also , customers have to take their selected items out of the shopping cart , ask the cashier to scan bar code of items one by one . This is a very time consuming process .Customers also have complained a lot about the smart shopping cart .

The smart shopping cart can support customers scan bar code in the shopping process and do self check-out at any where in the supermarket.


Another big question is the impact of the Covid-19 .On this topic , the Superhii technology company has made some changes to its smart shopping cart . The newest smart shopping cart has the anti-bacterial handle ,the anti-bacterial rate can up to 99.99% . This could greatly increase the safety and health of the customers .Besides , the smart shopping cart could support customers realize no-contacting shopping .

The company maintains that the smart shopping cart will help reduce the number of employees in the store ,compared to traditional grocery stores of similar size .In addition to having traditional grocery checkouts , the company says it will have associates dedicated to helping customers use the smart shopping cart .The smart shopping cart system will automatically charge them via the tablet on the smart shopping cart .

Shoppers who use the smart shopping cart will scan a QR code before they log in to the cart before they begin .And theyll acquire a receipt via Wechat after they leave .(Editor: Superhii , Cindy Xin )