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The smart shopping trolley will change our lives

Mr Cheng kun ,CEO of the Superhii technology company ,has outlined a scenario where shoppers scanned items by themselves and then put items into smart shopping trolley directly , if there are mistaken operations ,the smart shopping trolley could guide them .After shoppers have finished selecting items ,they could skip the cash counter and check out on the trolley .Also , shoppers could receive coupons and promotions via the touchable screen .


In this scenario,shopping is not just a way to buy daily necessaries ,shopping is full of pleasure and entertainment with a smart shopping trolley .


Superhii technology company has raised several rounds of funds to design and develop smart shopping trolleys .Actually , the Superhii technology company has cooperated with more than 16 retail brands and has launched the smart shopping trolley in many physical stores at home and abroad .


 Shoppers who have used the smart shopping trolley think that the smart shopping trolley will change our lives from three aspects ,one is that the smart shopping trolley can help save time ;second is that the smart shopping trolley can provide frictionless shopping ;third is that the smart shopping trolley could send precision coupons .


How could the precision coupons be realized ?


The Superhii technology company has a more advertising-forward business model where it takes the shopping data of shoppers and recommend precision coupons to shoppers . This could be done either in partnership with the store with lots of products or with branders .


Some retailers asked Mr Cheng Kun why a retail store should go with a smart shopping trolley solution rather than a broader in-store installation of cashierless checkout tech . The smart shopping trolley could provide distributed settlement ,thus it could eliminate the long queues entirely  ,while a broader in-store installation cant .(Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin )