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Most retailers want to start a smart shopping cart business plan

Superhii technology company is one of many technology companies looking to streamline the process of shopping and checking out in physical stores .Such initiatives are driven in a part by a quest for new cost efficiencies given the traditionally razor-thin profit margins in the retail business .

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic , social distancing and contact-less transactions have been emphasized . The smart shopping cart maybe the most appropriate tool to help retailers realize contact-less transactions . Moreover ,the smart shopping cart could quicken the shopping process and decrease the customer’s stay time in the store , it’s equivalent to make customers keep social distancing .

The smart shopping cart is designed for supermarkets and retail stores . For customers shopping in a supermarket and retail stores ,they could directly scan bar codes of items in the shopping process and pay for the shopping bill directly on the smart shopping cart .


As the smart shopping cart is accepted by more and more customers , retailers saw an opportunity to take the checkout-free shopping experience to a wider market with the smart shopping cart ,and they determined to start a smart shopping cart business plan .

Retailers think that the smart shopping cart could bring much benefit to their stores , including avoid the long queues at the cash counter , decrease customers’ complaints , make customers keep safe distance and increase the sales revenues in the store . (Eidtor : Superhii , Cindy Xin )