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Superhii creates intelligent shopping trolley for all kinds of supermarkets

Superhii creates a kind of intelligent shopping trolley that could support shoppers scan items bar codes by themselves and pay for their shopping bills on the intelligent shopping trolley.Besides , the intelligent shopping trolley itself could do loss prevention work in the whole shopping process with its weight sensor and dual cameras . The intelligent shopping trolley also has an automatic billing system , with which shoppers could acquire their shopping bills automatically on the trolley screen .

Some retailers may wonder what will happen if shoppers forget to scan items and have put into the basket directly .Surely ,the intelligent shopping trolleyknows with its built-in weight sensor and image recognition .There will be a voice reminder to remind shoppers scan items that have not been scanned .Also , the light on the bottom of the intelligent shopping trolley will keep shinning and shinning to alert the supermarket staff .


The Superhii intelligent shopping trolleyhas now been launched into many supermarket brand at home and abroad , including the well-known Walmart , China Resource Ole ,Wu Mart ,Haolinju supermarket ,etc . The Superhii technology company also has exported its intelligent shopping trolleyto Japan and Kuwait and has received customers’ satisfaction as well .

Now Superhii has developed three models of intelligent shopping trolley. The L model intelligent shopping trolleyis transformed from an ordinary shopping trolley . Retailers only need to install the Superhii tablet on an ordinary shopping trolley ,the ordinary shopping trolley will become a intelligent shopping trolleyas the Superhii intelligent shopping trolleysoftware system has been built in the tablet .The L model intelligent shopping trolleyis relative cheap to retailers and is suitable to retailers who don’t want to pay so much for the intelligent shopping trolley.

The S model and X model is designed and developed as intelligent shopping trolleyand can be widely used in different kinds of retail stores .(Editor :Superhii , Cindy Xin )