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The smart shopping trolley using bar code scanner is much more precise

Earlier this year , a retail store in Kuwait brought in and launched Superhii smart shopping trolley in its stores ,which has seen significant improved checkout efficiency . The smart shopping trolley allows retailers to rapidly deploy automated checkout with minimal disruption ,thus achieving desirable returns on investment .


In the race to help customers skip the cash counter and increase the efficiency of grocery shopping , a young Chinese entrepreneurs ,created a smart retail solution ,which aims to revolutionize the shopping experience of millions across the country .Among the smart retail solution , the smart shopping trolley using bar code scanner is the main component , which is friendly to both customers and retailers .


Superhii smart shopping trolley uses bar code scanner as well as other multiple algorithms to identify items at the supermarket . Cheng Kun said that the smart shopping trolley using bar code scanner is much more precise ,the items recognition rate can up to 100% , while the image recognition is not so precise , which is easily affected by the items package changes and other factors . But the smart shopping trolley using bar code scanner asks customers to aim items bar code to the bar code scanner .



Initially , Cheng Kun loved shopping but got dissatisfied with the long queues at the cash counter .Cheng kun studied the market and saw a great opportunity and potential for the smart shopping trolley idea .


Up to now, Cheng Kun , founder of the Superhii technology company , is still perfecting their smart shopping trolley .The Superhii team are upgrading both their hardware and software to provide customers ultimate shopping experience .


There is no doubt that the grocery shopping experience need to be improved urgently , as more and more customers are complaining about the efficiency ,easiness ,and speed in the grocery shopping .There was a market in which we could go in , still , we wont stick our foot before having a complete understanding of the space , people ,and business store owners .Said Cheng Kun .(Editor :Superhii , Cindy Xin)