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How did Superhii technology company grow up to the leading smart shopping cart supplier ?

Superhii smart shopping cart is now known by retailers and middleman who wants to start a smart shopping cart business plan . The Superhii smart shopping cart is developed by Superhii network technology company in Xian . As they have developed 3 models of smart shopping cart successfully , the company is now regarded as the leading smart shopping cart supplier . But actually , the company begun to design and develop smart shopping cart in 2015 .


So how did the company grow up to the leading smart shopping cart supplier ?


Early in 2014 , Cheng Kun ,the founder of the Superhii technology network company found that there was always a long queue at the cash counter . Customers had to wait in line for half an hour to an hour . This was a very time consuming process both for customers and for retailers .Besides , many customers have complained about the long lines and the long lines has caused customers dissatisfaction .



At that time , Cheng Kun decided to create a smart shopping cart that could solve the question of long lines at the cash counter . The first version of the Superhii smart shopping cart only had the function of supporting customers scan bar codes and do self check-out . After persistent hardware and software development , the Superhii team upgraded the smart shopping cart and pushed the smart shopping cart to the market .


The first retailer who deployed smart shopping cart in its stores is Wu Mart . Wu Mart is one of the biggest retail chain in China ,and is regarded as Chinese Walmart . Smart shopping cart in Wu Mart got much praise from customers and Wu Mart brought in more and more smart shopping carts in its stores .


After that , Baifule supermarket , China Resource Ole supermarket ,Hubei haolinju supermarket and other supermarkets also cooperated with Superhii and brought in smart shopping cart into their stores . As more and more retailers deployed smart shopping cart , the Superhii network technology company has became the leading smart shopping cart supplier .(Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin)