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Let me make an introduction of smart shopping cart

Smart shopping cart is now available in many supermarkets and retail stores ,while many customers only know some features and functions of the smart shopping cart .They can use the smart shopping cart smoothly , but they dont know the smart shopping cart precisely .


Now, let me make an introduction of smart shopping cart and the smart shopping cart developer Superhii technology company . The Superhii smart shopping cart is quite convenient to deploy ,it wont entirely replace traditional grocery checkouts in the stores where its used .Superhii technology company is one of many retailers and technology companies looking to streamline the process of shopping and checking out in physical stores .Such initiatives are driven by a quest for low cost and high efficiency in the shopping process in a supermarket .Also , the approach has taken on added significance given requirements for social distancing and contact-less transactions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic .



The smart shopping cart is equipped with weight sensor and bar code scanner .The bar code scanner is used to scan and recognize items , the weight sensor is used to do some supplementary work of the loss prevention work . When customers scan the bar code of items one by one , the item name and price will be displayed on the screen of the smart shopping cart automatically . Also , the smart shopping cart will knows the actual weight of the item and compares it with the standard weight of the item . This is a good way to do loss prevention work in the shopping process .


Actually , supporting customers shopping using the smart shopping cart is only the basic function of the smart shopping cart . The smart shopping cart could also send coupons and related coupons information to customers . Besides , the smart shopping cart could support customers charge for this mobile phones in the shopping process , customers dont have to rent charging equipment anymore .


We design and develop this smart shopping cart mainly to bring customers convenient and quick shopping process , the bar code scanner function , the chargers for charging , the coupons recommendation ,all towards to increase customers satisfaction . (Editor: Superhii , Cindy Xin )