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With the help of smart shopping cart using automatic billing system, offline retail has great prospects

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In China , major e-commerce platforms such as and usually hold promotions in 11st ,November every year , this has been called “Double Eleven ” . In this year ,from the end of October , these e-commerce platforms have already begun their pre-heating activities. In the past few years, the sales revenue of e-commerce during double "11" has been increasing year by year, and the content of activities has become more and more exciting. These seem to indicate that online shopping has become the mainstream shopping method for consumers. A new smart shopping cart has emerged in the market , and we believe that the smart shopping cart using automatic billing system will help the offline retail .



Actually , offline retailers needn’t be too pessimistic. Not long ago, Accenture conducted a survey of Chinese consumers. The survey showed that 55% of consumers said that the frequency of online shopping has increased in the past year, but this part of consumers didn’t give up offline shopping. On the contrary, their frequent consumption of offline channels reached 80%. This shows to a certain extent that with the rise of online shopping, offline shopping is still extremely attractive to consumers. The smart shopping cart using automatic billing system emerged to bring lots of benefits to offline retailers .

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Generally speaking ,the smart shopping cart empowered offline retail and enhanced customers’ shopping experience .Take the leading smart shopping cart supplier in China:Superhii technology company as an example . Since Superhii smart shopping cart has been used in the market, it has successfully entered Beijing Wumart Supermarket, Hubei Good Neighbor Supermarket, Anhui Hejiafu Supermarket, China Resources Ole, Walmart Shenzhen ,etc .According to statistics, consumers’ shopping experience has been greatly improved based on feedback from the market.


From the retailer's perspective, the smart shopping cart can re-empower offline retail through its own self-service code scanning equipment, self-service settlement system, coupon push system and multiple loss prevention systems. The smart shopping cart using automatic billing system has the ability to acquire big data of offline consumers and carry out precision marketing based on big data, which is equivalent to enabling offline retail stores to have the same ability to operate customers digitally as online.


It can be said that with the help of smart shopping cart, offline retail has great prospects.During the pandemic , the smart shopping cart could speed up the process of daily shopping, reduce crowding at pay points, and help supermarkets sell more for prolonged durations. So for retailers , starting a smart shopping cart business plan with the smart shopping cart supplier Superhii is the best option .(Editor: Superhii . Cindy Xin )

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