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Will the smart shopping cart project reinvent the retail industry ?

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As the E-commerce giant , Amazon’s smart shopping cart has attracted much attention in the whole retail industry ,the Amazon smart shopping cart makes it possible for customers to leave the store without going through a traditional checkout line .This is a quite fresh and different shopping way .

A Chinese technology company has developed a new smart shopping cart ,called Superhii smart shopping cart , the end result is similar to Amazon smart shopping cart .The Superhii smart shopping cart works on its own , requiring no sensors in the shelves or specialized cameras overhead .The application of the smart shopping cart is now very wide ,customers could experience it in many cities in China and in overseas market , including Shenzhen, Hefei ,Xiangyang, Beijing ,etc .

The Superhii smart shopping cart uses the bar code scanner as well as the computer vision to recognize items which customers aim to the bar code scanner and put into the cart and charges customers when they have finished shopping .

What changes could the smart shopping cart project  bring to us ?

(1) The smart shopping cart improves customers’ satisfaction

In the past , waiting in line is always a source of dissatisfaction of customers in the supermarket . The application of smart shopping cart has enabled retailers to serve customers better in their retail stores as there is no need to stand in line at the cash counter . Customers scan items’ bar codes by themselves and check out by themselves directly on the cart .

So customers’ shopping satisfaction has been improved greatly .

(2) The smart shopping cart provides a fresh shopping way and improves customers’ shopping experience .

Shopping with a smart shopping cart is quite different from shopping with an ordinary shopping cart . A smart shopping cart is like a partner which accompanies customers in the whole shopping process and could interact with customers .  A smart shopping cart also makes it possible for customers to charge for their mobile phones while they are shopping .

The customers’ shopping experience has also been improved as they can experience quite different and quite .

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(3) The smart shopping cart sends coupons to customers so that the whole sales revenue can increase  .

The smart shopping cart system would be connected to the supermarket ERP system , the smart shopping cart would push related coupons and item promotion information to customers , which will help increase per customer transaction and finally increase sales revenue of the store.

Moreover , the smart shopping cart can send related items advertisements to different customers based on their previously shopping experience and shopping preference , in this process , precision marketing has been realized .

For example , if a certain customer goes into the fruits area , he will receive some fruits coupons which can be used immediately . This is the real benefit he could receive immediately .

As a cutting-edge product , smart shopping cart has really changed customers’ whole shopping routes . Then it’s no doubt that the smart shopping cart  has reinvented the retail industry .(Author : Cindy Xin )

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