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What should a successful smart shopping project have ?

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More and more retailers want to deploy smart shopping cart projects in their retail grocery stores. Meanwhile, an increasing number of resellers and integration companies in the trading and retail sector want to start a smart shopping cart business plan.

Both retailers and resellers wish to start a successful smart shopping cart project, so what is a successful smart shopping cart? And What should a successful smart shopping project cover?

As a well-known smart shopping cart manufacturer, SuperHii has conducted several successful smart shopping cart projects in Japan, China, Israel, etc.  And SuperHii has concluded that a successful smart shopping cart manufacturer should have the 3 aspects.


Technology is at the core of any Smart Shopping Cart project, as the smart shopping cart itself is a kind of cutting-edge technology. The smart shopping cart must be equipped with the right technology to enable features such as personalized promotions, product recommendations, and seamless checkout. The technology must also be reliable and scalable to ensure that it can handle the volume of shoppers and transactions.

To create a successful Smart Shopping Cart project, the technology must be carefully selected and integrated. This may involve working with vendors and developers to identify the right hardware and software, as well as ensuring that the cart is connected to the right systems and data sources. The smart shopping cart system should also be connected with the supermarket ERP system easily.

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(2)User Experience

The user experience is another critical aspect of a successful Smart Shopping Cart project. The smart shopping cart must be easy to use and provide a seamless experience for shoppers. This includes features such as easy navigation, clear product information, and a simple checkout process.

To create a positive user experience, it is important to conduct user testing and gather feedback from shoppers. This will help identify areas of the cart that may be confusing or difficult to use, and enable the team to make adjustments to improve the user experience.

Some smart shopping cart also has allergy Tips on their touch-able screen, which also improves customers’ shopping experience.

(3)Business Goals

A successful smart shopping cart project must align with the business goals of the retailer. This may include increasing sales, improving customer engagement, or gathering data about customers’ shopping behavior. The project must be designed with these goals in mind, and metrics should be established to track progress and measure success.

To achieve business goals, it may be necessary to partner with other teams in the supermarket or retail store, such as marketing or data analytics. These teams can help identify areas where the Smart Shopping Cart can have the greatest impact and provide insights into how to achieve business goals through the project.

These three aspects are all interconnected and must be considered to acquire a successful smart shopping cart project that meets the needs of both consumers and businesses. (Author: SuperHii, Cindy Xin )

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