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What makes Superhii smart shopping trolley more efficient for retailers?

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What makes Superhii smart shopping trolley more efficient for retailers?

Digital transformation is now a new trend for retailers all over the world ,some countries even are starting a digital transformation campaign ,among which the smart shopping trolley is a star product . But some retailers may think that digital transformation can be costly affairs regarding devices and technology .

Superhii technology company began to bring their smart shopping trolleys to the market in 2017 ,and the first retailer who has cooperated with Superhii is Wu Mart , one of the biggest retail chains in China . At first , Wu Mart thought that the smart shopping trolley is expensive compared with the ordinary shopping trolley ,and they also concern the risk of deploying a smart shopping trolley project . While after a successful smart shopping trolley pilot project , Wu Mart had zero concerns about the risk of the smart shopping trolleys .

Compared with an ordinary shopping trolley  , the smart shopping trolley is more expensive ,but actually these two kinds of products can not be compared directly. As a smart shopping trolley could help shoppers skip the check out lines and do self check-out , it means that it can substitute the cashiers’ work .The cashiers’ salary is much more higher than the smart shopping trolley cost . The smart shopping trolley could substitute the cashiers’ work .

Besides , there will be several kinds of advertisements on the smart shopping trolley screen . These advertisements are all about the items’ information in the store . Retailers could acquire benefit from branders by providing advertisements via smart shopping trolleys .

After Wu Mart deployed smart shopping trolleys in its stores , more and more retail stores have cooperated with Superhii technology company and brought in Superhii smart shopping trolleys .The biggest challenge for Superhii is convincing retailers that the smart shopping cart is a very promising product and shoppers will like to use the smart shopping trolleys .

But the fact is that as more and more retailers are deploying smart shopping trolleys , Superhii smart shopping trolley has became more efficient .

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