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This artificial intelligence shopping cart could bring more customers flow to retail stores and supermarkets

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In traditional retail industry , there is a saying “Food pulls sale , department stores pull margins ,and fresh food pulls customers .”However , in the complex new retail environment , this rule has broken . Now the artificial intelligence shopping cart could bring something new to the whole retail industry .


When online retail is in full swing, offline retail seems to have encountered an unprecedented "winter". The physical retail stores have encountered difficulties in attracting consumers .Facing with which ,offline retail is inefficient and difficult to solve, such as long queues at the checkout counter, which always cause consumers' shopping dissatisfaction ; The outbreak of the Covid-19 has also brought an impact on the offline retail industry. During this situation ,the artificial intelligence shopping cart is regarded as a dark horse ,as the smart shopping cart was heated discussed .


In the past, supermarkets used cheap fresh food to attract customers, but now, the artificial intelligence shopping cart can help retailers achieve the same goals . When we are talking about this question , it is easy to figure out how fresh fresh food attracts customers. Fresh food is a necessity for customers to purchase in daily life. Through low-margin of fresh food, it drives customers to shop in the store, which in turn drives customers to purchase other items in the store.

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However, with the emergence of community fresh food group buying platforms, it has become more and more difficult for supermarkets to rely on fresh fresh to attract customers .But don’t worry, retailers could now deploy artificial intelligence shopping cart project .


The artificial intelligence shopping cart integrates high-tech including artificial intelligence, RFID, Internet of Things, deep learning, etc could accompany customers and support customers scan items’ bar codes by themselves and check out by themselves , among with its beautiful and eye-catching high-tech appearance, it can attract consumers to shop.


After deploying artificial intelligence shopping cart , the customers’ entire shopping process will be greatly different. During the shopping process, they can scan the code by themselves. After scanning the code, the electronic screen of the artificial intelligence  shopping cart will automatically pop up the price of the item. After the consumer completes his/her shopping task, he/she can then check out directly on the shopping cart at any where in the supermarket and leave the supermarket immediately .


To conclude, the entire shopping process is a controllable and efficient process under the guidance of the artificial intelligence shopping cart . The overall shopping efficiency will inevitably increase, and the shopping experience has also been greatly improved.Meanwhile , the "frictionless" shopping provided by artificial intelligence shopping cart has been favored and recognized by consumers to a certain extent. So the artificial intelligence shopping cart could bring more customers flow  to retail stores and supermarkets .(Editor: Superhii , Cindy Xin )

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