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The start of a new era for smart shopping cart project

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If you’ve been in the retail industry as long as 10 years , you may know one thing is imminent ,that is digital transformation .Just about 5 years or so ,there’s a fundamental shift in smart shopping cart project . But 5 years ago , many people didn’t know what was a smart shopping cart .

Actually , the smart shopping cart has opened a new era for retail industry . For example , with an ordinary shopping cart ,at the cashiers’ desk , customers need to take away all items and ask the cashier to scan items one by one .

After cashiers have checked all items then , customers can leave the supermarket . But waiting for checking out is a very time-consuming process for customers , which is a big waste of time .

smart shopping cart project in Shenzhen

Using a smart shopping cart for shopping , customers could totally skip the cash counter and finish the shopping process by themselves .Also , as the smart shopping cart can accompany customers all in the shopping process ,they can provide shopping guidelines step by step ,this means the smart shopping cart itself can tell you how to shop step by step .

The most significant advantage of smart shopping carts are self-checking out functions . How can this work in a supermarket ? When customers scan items’ bar codes , items’ price will be displayed on the smart shopping cart screen automatically , when customers add another items , accordingly , items which have been scanned will be displayed on the screen immediately .So customers could easily get their shopping bills and check whether it has exceeded their shopping budget . In the final step , customers finish their payment through various mobile payment methods .

After shopping ,customers can receive their shopping receipt on their mobile phones ,which is very convenient .

The smart shopping cart project has started a new era for us and bring us a fantastic shopping experience .I experienced the charm this smart shopping cart has brought to us .” Said Li Jun , one of the retailers who have deployed smart shopping cart project in China .(Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin )

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