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Superhii smart shopping cart appeared on the GITEX2021

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GITEX 2021

On October 17th, "One of the world's largest technical exhibitions in 2021"-International Communications and Consumer Electronics Exhibition (GITEX) was grandly opened at Dubai World Trade Center. This exhibition lasts for five days, gathering and presenting the most cutting-edge innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, network security, blockchain, quantum computing, immersive marketing, and financial technology. Superhii Technology Inc brought its smart shopping cart to the exhibition , attracting the attention of many overseas buyers, industry experts and even industry peers.

01 The blackproduct :smart shopping cart

Since GITEX was first held in 1982, it has developed into one of the largest and most successful computer, communication and consumer electronics exhibitions in Middle East. At the same time, GITEX ranks among the world's three major IT exhibitions, gathering and attracting major brands from the global IT industry and consumer electronics industry to participate, profoundly influencing and leading the industry trend and direction.


As one of the few large-scale offline comprehensive ICT exhibitions in 2021, GITEX has attracted more than 4,500 well-known exhibitions from more than 60 countries around the world, as well as more than 800 representatives of government organizations from Middle East and South Asia to participate in the exhibition ,which brought customers around the world a feast of digital transformation .

smart shopping cart on GITEX


As a partner of digital transformation in retail industry, Superhii Technology Inc has brought the latest digital transformation based on smart shopping cart , the smart shopping cart is a well-deserved “black”technical product .


02  A smart shopping cart could really help both retailers and customers

 A large number of visitors stopped in front of the Superhii Technology booth. The exhibitors were all attracted by this smart shopping cart ,which has unique appearance and full of “black technology “.After experiencing the shopping process of self-service scanning, automatic loss prevention, self-service settlement and payment, no queuing and no waiting at the cashier’s desk ", the audience gave their thumbs up heartily.


Based on the long-term involvement in the field of artificial intelligence and retail digitalization, Superhii Technology Inc provides a retail store digital transformation solution based on "smart shopping carts", which allowing customers to intuitively feel the importance and shock of digital transformation.

Customers experience smart shopping cart


Superhii Smart Shopping Cart can collect all consumers’ data from entering the retail store to leaving the store through sensors, multiple cameras and computer vision recognition and other algorithms, realizing CRM and marketing synchronization, and communicate with customers at any time during the shopping process including sending precise coupons and marketing advertisements to customers, the smart shopping cart could truly help retailers do marketing .


03 The smart shopping cart could really help accelerate digital transformation

 Since 2019, Superhii deployed smart shopping carts in Yorkbenimaru (ヨークベニマル) supermarkets in Japan for the first time, SuperHi Technology Inc has expanded its footprint in overseas markets including Kuwait, Israel, the Philippines, France and other overseas markets. 

To meet different shopping habits and preference of customers in different countries and regions, Superhii Technology Inc builds localized customized systems and services to meet the precise requirements of customers in different regions in terms of UI interface, language, system functions, payment and settlement requirements, and promote the digitalization of the entire retail industry transformation. 



Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum , ruler of Dubai, said at this GITEX exhibition: “Digital economy is a key catalyst for the growth and development of new economic sectors, and increase our international competitiveness and in the economy of the future.”


In the future, Superhii Technology Inc will continue to deepen the field of smart retail, continue to focus on the R&D and update iterations of smart shopping carts, and help the digital transformation of the retail industry, thereby accelerating and promoting the digitalization of the whole economy.

Founded in August, 2015, Xi’an SuperHii Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-class digital solution provider for supermarkets, a forerunner for smart shopping cart solutions as well as a supplier of well-known smart shopping cart R&D at home and abroad.

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