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Superhii : As a smart shopping trolley startup , we have accumulated abundant smart trolley developing experience

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Smart shopping trolley began to emerge in the market in 2018 , just 3 years ago ,up to now, smart shopping trolley developers are all startups .Among these smart shopping trolley startups , Superhii is one of the pioneer startups who has been developing smart shopping trolley for 6 years .


In March ,2021 , Chengkun established Superhii technology company and determined to develop smart shopping trolley . Initially , the Superhii team mainly focused on developing a smart trolley which can support customers check out on the trolley . At that time , Wechat and Alipay was gradually becoming universal in China , customers were getting used to use the mobile payment ways . Superhii team overcame a lot of difficulties and developed a smart shopping trolley which can support customers scan items’ bar codes and check out by themselves .

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The loss prevention management is a big issue in the first version smart shopping trolley .Retailers may wonder what will happen if a customer forgets to scan items’ bar codes .The Superhii team then developed a multiple loss prevention algorithm based on artificial intelligence , weight sensors ,ect .

The market requirements always changed as the time passed .More and more retailers are seeking for digital transformations , they want to increase their sales revenue depends on the digital transformation . The Superhii team then developed promotions and coupons sending functions , rely on this function , the smart shopping cart could collect and record customers’ shopping preference and shopping data . Accordingly ,the smart shopping trolley could send precise coupons and promotions to customers at proper time in the supermarket .


Due to the pandemic , the Superhii team added an antibacterial coating on the handle ,which could help prevent disease and virus .Meanwhile , a charging port was added to the smart shopping trolley ,which can support customers charge for their mobile phones while they are shopping . More and more functions are being developed now .


To conclude , the Superhii technology company has accumulated abundant smart shopping trolley developing experience . (Editor: Superhii , Cindy Xin)

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