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SuperHii smart shopping cart project was started in Supercenter Trial Date Hobara Store

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In 21st, March,SuperHii Co., Ltd. started a smart shopping cart project in Supercenter Trial Data hobara store, which has made the store become intelligent. Actually, Supercenter Trial Data hobara store is not the first store that have launched smart shopping carts. Early in this spring, Trial Company Co., ltd. launches more than 100 units smart shopping carts in りんくうもウン store, which is located in りんくう入元1元地の10, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture.

The SuperHii smart shopping cart is dedicated designed for empowering the retail industry. It has AI camera and bar code scanner which supports consumers purchase items by themselves and checkout by themselves. The smart shopping cart brings a fresh shopping experience that consumers receive personalized coupons and shopping promotion information according to their shopping data. This will greatly improve the shopping efficiency and the operating efficiency for the store.

Trial supermarket

To use the smart shopping cart, consumers directly use the Trial supermarket  membership card to log in, then consumers scan items bar code on the bar code scanner to recognize the items, which avoids the process of waiting for checking out by the cashiers. When consumers have done shopping, they finish the payment process via the cart or via a self-checkout machine, then they can directly pass a dedicated smart gate and leave the supermarket. The whole shopping process is smooth and fast for consumers.

In addition, considering the large popularity of elderly people, the smart shopping cart was designed to have the feature of “light to push, easy to view the screen and easy to purchase items.” The smart shopping cart also has its loss prevention algorithms to prevent that consumers forget to scan items. Besides, the smart shopping cart has an AI brain, which detects normal operation and recommend to every consumer suitable items according to their historical shopping data.

SuperHii smart cart in Japan

In Japan, cashless and contactless smart stores are becoming popular in retail industry. Many supermarkets and grocery stores are seeking for new technologies to make their store become smart store. Supercenter Trial Data hobara store is not an exception. Supercenter Trial Data hobara store is the subsidiary of Trial Company Co., Ltd. Trial Company Co., Ltd. operates more than 230 supermarket stores in Japan. And it plans to launch more smart shopping carts in its branches stores.

Up to now, SuperHii Co., Ltd. has acquired thousands of smart shopping cart orders from Trial Company Co., Ltd. In the future, SuperHii will deepen the cooperation with Trial, and upgrades the smart shopping cart system to make their stores become digital and intelligent. (Author: SuperHii, Cindy Xin)

Supercenter Trial Data hobara store address:

37-1 Kamihobara, Hobara Town, Date City, Fukushima Prefecture

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