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SuperHii smart shopping cart attended the Smart Retail Tech Expo and got much praise

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From May 3rd to 4th, local time in the US, Smart Retail Tech Expo2023 was grandly launched in Las Vegas. SuperHii Co., Ltd. presented a variety of smart shopping carts and other smart adaptation products, bringing shocking retail technological experience to the audiences.

(1) Something about the Smart Retail Tech Expo 2023

The US Smart Retail Tech Expo is a professional retail technology exhibition with a large scale, huge business opportunities and a large number of people held in the United States so far. SRT exhibition aims to revolutionize the American retail industry. It is a leading exhibition focusing on "new retail", creating a perfect shopping journey for retail companies and retailers, and making consumers' online and offline shopping more personalized and more enjoyable.

Smart Retail Tech Expo

This Smart Retail Tech Expo exhibited the latest retail technology products of more than 200 leading retail exhibitors. The exhibitors exhibited a wide variety of products, including facial recognition software and hardware, magic mirrors, and virtual reality technology software,etc. The exhibition also attracted More than 3,000 retail professionals attended the exhibition, and the collision of technology and thinking within the retail industry appeared here.

(2) The outstanding performance of SuperHii Co., Ltd. was recognized.

In the exhibition, SuperHii Co., Ltd. grandly exhibited its latest smart shopping model S800 and the most classic model S600. In addition, the business team of SuperHii Co., Ltd. also gave detailed explanations on the core functions and main advantages of the two models, and the vivid explanations attracted many audiences to listen.

As we all know, smart shopping carts are born to empower retail supermarkets, and only in the scene of physical supermarkets can smart shopping carts demonstrate their functions and play their role fully.

Smart Retail Tech Expo

On the exhibition, SuperHii business team simulated the layout of a supermarket on the and built a retail grocery supermarket. The audiences can experience bar code scanning shopping, missing scanning reminders for loss prevention, voice prompts for shopping processes, and self-service settlement at the booth. Audiences can experience a whole intelligent shopping trip.

(3) Continue to empower global retail customers

In mid-January of this year, SuperHii Co., Ltd. took the S600 and S800 smart shopping carts to New York, USA to participate in the NRF2023 exhibition, completed its debut in the US market, and received strong responses and attention.

This time, for the second "expedition" in Las Vegas, USA, SuperHii Co., Ltd. once again brought a shocking shopping experience to the audiences by relying on the smart retail solutions exhibited by its smart shopping cart products.

Smart Retail Tech Expo

The US is the center of global commerce and one of the most developed regions in the retail industry. At the same time, as far as physical retail is concerned, physical retail in the United States has maintained continuous development and prosperity through continuous innovation and transformation of business models. In the list of the top 200 retailers in the retail industry released by the world-renowned consulting firm McKinsey over the years, American retail supermarkets account for more than half.

The appearance at the SRT exhibition in the US demonstrates the comprehensive strength of SuperHii to retail partners in the US market.

In the future, SuperHii Co., Ltd. will further grasp the development trend of retail technology, continue to optimize products, solutions and services, and constantly temper its core competitiveness. Based on smart shopping carts, it will bring more Premium smart shopping solution. (Author: SuperHii, Cindy Xin)

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