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Starting a smart shopping cart project , We need to know 3 details (That work fast)

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Retailers who are seeking for digital transformation are seeking for smart shopping cart project as smart shopping cart could entirely change the way customers shop and improve customers’ shopping experience . 

Many retailers may think that the smart shopping cart is difficult and complex to launch into the supermarket , the fact is that the smart shopping cart project is very easy to deploy , there isn’t any infrastructure changes in the store and what retailers need to do is just to do some connection work and some preparations .

But for us , the smart shopping cart developer and supplier , we need to know these 3 details of the supermarket to help them start the smart shopping cart project .

First ,we need to know the approximately square of the supermarket .

Communicating with the retailers , we usually ask their approximately square at first .Some retailers may feel strange when they were asked about this question . Actually , based on the square of the retail store , we could recommend proper quantities of smart shopping carts to retailers .

There are also some retailers who have planned their order quantities ,but we usually would suggest the proper numbers .

Besides ,we could design and plan suitable smart shopping cart routes in the store to safeguard the recycle of the smart shopping cart . We also need to choose a right place to install the magnetic charger .

Second ,we need to integrate the smart shopping cart system with the supermarket ERP system

The smart shopping cart system and the supermarket ERP system must be integrated before the carts are used normally . All items information in the store could be displayed on the smart shopping cart timely . 

When customers selected and purchased some items , the supermarket ERP system knows immediately . All the promotions and coupons information is also in accordance with which in the store .

Also , retailers could acquire customers detailed information from the smart shopping cart system , including customers’ gender ,age , shopping preference ,etc , this means that they could know customers’ portraits .

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For retailers , smart shopping cart is a good source of customers’ data , the first step is that we need to connect the supermarket ERP system with the smart shopping cart system .

Third , we need to input the items’ bar code into the smart shopping cart system

As the smart shopping cart recognizes items by bar code and multiple algorithm , we need to input the items’ bar code one by one before the smart shopping cart been used officially .In this process , the smart shopping cart learns all kinds of items in the supermarket .

You may think this is a time-consuming work , actually ,it only takes several days .

In fact ,the smart shopping cart could also learn items by themselves when it was used gradually , but this costs much time . So we usually input all items’ information in the supermarket manually .(Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin )

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