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Smart shopping cart examples: Shopping using a smart shopping cart is full of entertainment 

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When consumers first visit Walmart supermarket in Shenzhen, China, they would have 3 options to choose from for shopping, including a shopping basket, an ordinary shopping cart, and a smart shopping cart. You may be familiar with shopping baskets and ordinary shopping carts. With those, you need to put items into the shopping basket and shopping cart, when you go to the final step, you need to take items out and ask the cashier to scan the items’ bar codes one by one.

Sounds boring! Today I would like to share with you a smart shopping cart example.

(1) Selecting items and scanning items’ bar codes while you are wondering.

When you decide to use a smart shopping cart, you just need to enter your mobile phone number or membership number, and then you can begin your shopping process.

In the shopping process, you play the role of your shopper and cashier. You select items from the shelf and scan the item’s bar code. As the bar code scanner is right on the top of the smart shopping cart, selecting items’ bar codes and putting them into the cart is a very natural process.

Notice that a smart shopping cart is not a cold machine, it could interact with consumers. It accompanies you and can guide you to finish the shopping process step by step.

If you have made some operation error, like forgetting to scan items’ bar codes, the smart shopping cart knows through its multiple loss prevention algorithms and would remind you to do the right operation.

(2) Checking items’ prices and your shopping cost then you can adjust your shopping budget

Take Superhii's smart shopping cart as an example, this smart shopping cart has an automatic billing system. As you scan the item’ bar code, the smart shopping cart screen will display items’ prices automatically, and promotional items are included.

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This means you could know your real-time shopping cost and adjust your shopping budget when you are shopping. You will never encounter the embarrassing situation that the shopping cost has exceeded your shopping budget.

(3) Checking out directly on the cart and leaving the supermarket.

When you go to the final step of shopping, you are asked to pay for your shopping bill directly on the cart, the smart shopping cart also supports you purchasing shopping bags, then you pass through a dedicated lane and acquire your shopping bags and shopping receipt.

The total shopping journey has been finished, you would feel this shopping journey using a smart shopping cart is full of entertainment and saves much time.(Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin)

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