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Discuss a simple question : What is a smart shopping cart ?

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The concept “smart shopping cart” is still a strange concept for many people , as they didn’t see a smart shopping cart , neither did they know what it is .

In July ,2020 ,Amazon revealed a smart cart -Dash cart ,which has attracted the world’s focus and attention .And other smart shopping cart developers and manufacturers begin to get some attention accordingly .

Smart shopping carts are one alternative to help realize self-service shopping and checking out . You may have heard about Amazon Go store , a smart shopping cart helps realize the same goal using different methods . Let’s discuss this topic from Superhii’s smart shopping cart .

Appearance &Features

From the first sight ,a smart shopping cart looks quite different from a shopping cart . It’s good-looking .The obvious feature is that a smart shopping cart has a tablet screen ,a bar code scanner and some wires for mobile phone charging .

The tablet screen is touch-able and will display various shopping information on it . Also ,the voice reminder will also comes from the tablet .

Besides , the Superhii’s smart shopping cart is made of plastic , so it is very light to push in a supermarket .

what is a smart shopping cart

Main functions

The bar code scanner right on the top of the tablet is used to recognize items’ when customers aim them to it .The touch-able tablet supports customers to communicate with the smart shopping cart system when shopping .Customers could receive coupons and various promotional information on the screen .They could also edit their shopping list and search for their items they need via the screen . Checking out was also finished via the screen .The basket is used to put into items that customers have purchased .

It is no doubt to say that the smart shopping cart screen is the main component and provides the main functions .

Influence on retail industry

Every new product could cause some different effects on the industry , so could the smart shopping cart ,and surely it caused good effects .

As an advanced product , smart shopping cart provides customers a unique and frictionless shopping experience .

In a shopping process using a smart shopping cart , customers finish the purchasing process and checking out process all by themselves , this ensures customers safety and health in the epidemic .

Checking out on the smart cart helps eliminate the long queues at the cash counter ,this means the smart shopping cart has helped solve the queuing problem .

The smart shopping cart could also send marketing promotions ,coupons and related items’ information to precise customers at appropriate time . This means the smart shopping cart has helped physical retailers realize precise marketing at the first time .

To conclude , the smart shopping cart has brought benefits to both customers and retailers ,and it has driven the development of the entire retail industry .(Editor: Superhii , Cindy Xin )

Founded in August, 2015, Xi’an SuperHii Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-class digital solution provider for supermarkets, a forerunner for smart shopping cart solutions as well as a supplier of well-known smart shopping cart R&D at home and abroad.

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