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Cashiers :the smart shopping cart in China has stolen your job

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With the rapid development of the software and hardware technology ,the technology can do many works initinally done by humankind . Many new works emerged ,and many works have been substituted by the technology . Now ,the smart shopping cart in China has stolen the cashiers’ job .


Among all the smart shopping cart suppliers ,Superhii technology company is a leading smart shopping cart supplier in China ,it has launched its smart shopping carts in many supermarket brands in China and in the overseas market. As Superhii technology company has accumulated 5 years experience  ,Superhii technology company has provided customers ultimate shopping experience with its smart shopping cart .Meanwhile , the smart shopping cart has brought retail stores various positive changes .


The Superhii smart shopping cart has bar code scanner as well as weight sensors .In a shopping process using the smart shopping cart , customers take off the item from the shelf and scan the bar code of the item , the price and other information of the item will appear on the screen automatically .we can regard that the smart shopping cart has a automatic billing system .In the final process of the shopping ,customers could directly pay for the bill on the cart and leave the supermarket immediately .

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With smart shopping carts in the store, cashiers are not needed any more , many cashiers in China said that the smart shopping cart has stolen the cashiers jobs .Besides , the smart shopping cart price is much cheaper than the salary of the cashiers .At the same time , as the settlement was finished in different areas of the supermarket , long queues at the cash counter will no longer exist , customers’ shopping experience has greatly improved .


The smart shopping cart also has its own loss prevention system ,it use multilple algorithm to help prevent loss in the supermarket . In the near feature , we would say ,goodbye cashiers ,as the smart shopping cart has replaced the cashier’s work .


What’s more , the smart shopping cart could send coupons and related items information to customers based on their previously shopping experience . In the whole shopping process ,the smart shopping cart will accompany the customer and provide customers more convenient and effective shopping life .


Technology always changes our lives and changes our world , for retailers , starting a smart shopping cart business plan is the most appropriate thing to do .

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