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By deploying smart shopping cart project , retailers gained lots of benefits

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“Customers are the God “,retailers have always believed that they should spare most of their efforts to serve customers , but more services mean more labour cost .Until the smart shopping cart emerged in the market , retailers found that they could gain lots of benefits from the smart shopping cart .

When the smart shopping cart emerged in the market for the first time , some retailers resisted to deploy a smart shopping cart project ,because they thought it was a high cost project . At the first sight , the smart shopping cart looks quite different from an ordinary shopping cart , it looks quite advanced and good-looking.

At the same time , the smart shopping cart has more features than an ordinary shopping cart . It supports customers scan items by themselves and check out by themselves , then customers can finish their shopping by themselves . It also help send precise coupons and promotional information to customers at appropriate time or places .Besides , it helps retailers collect customers’ shopping data to describe customers’ portraits .

Generally speaking , retailers could gained lots of following benefits :

1) Reducing long lines at cash counter .

As the smart shopping cart supports customers check out by themselves , this means customers can finish their payment via the smart shopping cart at any where in the supermarket , it could surely reduce the long lines at cash counter  .

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2) Providing customers frictionless shopping experience

The smart shopping cart supports customers scan items and check out , also , a scale can be built in the smart shopping cart to weigh fruits and vegetables ,this means in the whole shopping process , customers don’t have to contact with any others . The smart shopping cart has provided customers frictionless shopping experience .

During the pandemic , the smart shopping cart could provide customers a safe and health shopping environment .

3) Realizing precise marketing in physical retail industry

Online retailing has developed very fast in the past several years as customers’ shopping data can be recorded and collected . Now ,with a smart shopping cart ,physical retailers could also acquire customers’ shopping data ,including customers’ shopping preference ,shopping data and certain area stay time .Based on these data , retailers and branders could send precise coupons and items; information to customers .(Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin)

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