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A rising smart shopping trolley startup Superhii has got more attention

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With the rapid development of modern technologies , some companies who are working on these advanced technologies have rushered in major development opportunities .A smart shopping trolley startup Superhii is a good example ,it was established in 2015 , just 7 years ago ,but now ,it has grown up to a leading smart shopping trolley startup .

(1) Functions and features of smart trolley


The smart trolley is equipped with a large touchscreen at the front ,based on which , customers could interact with the smart shopping trolley system , besides , customers could acquire shopping list recommendations ,items’ coupons and other information .When you are shopping , you will use the bar code scanner and built-in weight sensor to scan and put in your items . When it comes to check out , you can pay directly on the smart trolley via digital payment methods .


You may wonder how smart shopping trolley deal with your personal belongings , such as your handbag ,your wallets .In fact , it’s simple ,when you start shopping ,you may directly put your personal belongings into the smart shopping trolley basket ,and the smart trolley will ask you to choose whether it is your person belongings .


In China , customers used to use Wechat payment or Alipay pay to finish your payment ,of course , the trolley supports other digital payment method .Noted that cash is not accepted through the trolley . You have to check out through online payment methods .

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 (2) Why have smart shopping trolley get much more attention ?

During the pandemic , Superhii smart shopping trolley has got more attention . 

One reason is that smart shopping trolley has quickened the shopping process , then customers could finish their shopping trip in short time . Less time they stay in a public place,such as supermarket , safer they are .

The other reason is that customers shifted to use the smart shopping trolley as it could help them shop and check out by themselves .Under this circumstance , customers’ shopping safety and health can be ensured .Some retailers changed their mind to deploy smart shopping trolley project to promote their efficiency and improve customers’ satisfaction .


The COVID-19 has certainly opened the door for the smart shopping trolley suppliers due to the rising concerns in touchless tech and more sanitary shopping .

(3) The smart shopping trolley startup has accumulated abundant smart trolley developing experience .

Superhii Inc began to develop smart shopping trolley since its establishment in 2015 .  It has developed S600 , S700 , S800 and P100 model smart shopping troley . 

Every model of smart shopping trolley is different from others and has its distinct advantages .

S600 model smart shopping trolley is the lightest one , even a female customer could push a smart shopping trolley full of items , besides , S600 model smart shopping trolley is very good-looking , deploying S600 model smart shopping trolleys could greatly improve the supermarket's brand image .

S700  model smart shopping trolley was special designed and developed for Japan supermarket ,  it has a basket as well as a storage shelf that is convenient to place larger items . S700 model smart shopping trolley also has a umbrella hook  ,

S800 model smart shopping trolley was special designed and developed for European market , the capacity of S800 model smart shopping trolley is larger , besides , the S800 model smart shopping trolley  was also equipped with a flexible bar code scanner , which is a special design to help European customers scan larger items .

S100 model is a smart terminal , which can be installed on all ordinary shopping trolleys .


“ We are now going into a fast developing era , smart shopping trolley demands are increasing year by year ,of course , we are upgrading our smart shopping trolley technologies .” Said Mr. Cheng Kun , CEO of Superhii technology company .(Author: Superhii , Cindy Xin)

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