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A review of smart shopping cart project deployed by Superhii in 2021

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As a leading smart shopping cart manufacturer in the world , Superhii Inc has gained much attention from the retail industry . As a marketing writer working for Superhii technology company , I would like to share with you the smart shopping cart projects deployed by Superhii Inc in 2021 .

Generally speaking , We have launched thousands of smart shopping carts across many countries , including Japan , the Philippines , Israel , France , Brazil , UAE ,Kuwait ,we also expanded our market to Taiwan ,as well as the domestic market .

So how about the smart shopping cart project in these countries ? I will describe them one by one in details .

( 1 ) Smart shopping cart project in Japan

In fact  ,in the year 2019 , we have launched our smart shopping carts in Japanese Yorkbenimaru (ヨークベニマル) supermarket . At that time , we deployed X75 model of Superhii smart shopping carts .

That smart shopping cart project worked very well , customers in Japan preferred to use smart shopping cart . They said that they can know how much items have costed them in the whole shopping process using a smart shopping cart .  Besides , they don’t have to wait in line any more .

So in the year 2021 , they ordered more smart shopping carts from Superhii .

To expand the Japanese market , we also cooperated with the Panasonics in April . That was a milestone event in our companies’ history , and we will surely start a new era in marketing expansion in Japan .

(2) Smart shopping carts launched in the Philippines

In May , a Philippines company contacted with us and ordered some units of smart shopping carts . This company has been cooperated with retailers for years , they said retailers in the Philippines were seeking for digital transformation methods ,besides ,retailers are searching for cutting-edge technology which could improve their customers’ shopping experience .

At first , they started a trail project , and it worked very well . They said that they will order more in the year 2022 .

smart shopping cart project

(3)Smart shopping cart projects in other countries ,including  France , Brazil , UAE ,Kuwait

Due to the pandemic , the whole retail environment has changed a lot . In a supermarket , cashiers’ salary has gone up a lot ,especially in developed countries . Retailers are all searching for substitutes which can replace the cashiers’ work .

The Pandemic also has stimulated customers care more about their health and safety . Frictionless shopping experience has been emphasized for many times .

Under this circumstance , smart shopping cart project is sure a suitable project for them .

By seamlessly integrating AI technology for new retail industry, smart sensing algorithm, on-board camera system, big data, and deep learning, our smart shopping carts enable customers to scan QR code and go shopping by themselves.

During shopping, anti-theft function can automatically activate and after shopping payment can be made with the shopping cart by customers themselves, which transforms traditional shopping and brings immersive shopping experience to users as well as solves the troubles caused by users lining up for payment in supermarket cashiers; the smart shopping cart can replace cashier desks, directly reducing operation costs for supermarkets and boosting retail sales amount per square meter and staff efficiency.

Our clients from France , Brazil ,UAE and Kuwait all have expressed such requirements  and they think smart shopping cart project is a ROI positive project .

(4) Smart shopping cart project in Taiwan

Clients from Taiwan shared similar needs of their retail customers , they want to improve customers’ satisfaction . Waiting in line is a major factor which has annoyed ordinary customers .

Clients from Taiwan said that they have searched for many kinds of products , and they think smart shopping cart is the most appropriate .

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