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A detailed smart shopping cart project report that shows 3 advantages

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Smart shopping cart project is now hot discussed in retail industry ,because both retailers and shoppers could acquire benefits from a smart shopping cart project . More and more retailers and integrators are planning to start a smart shopping cart business plan .

While retailers and integrators still know little about the smart shopping cart project , in this article , I will share you 3 advantages of deploying a smart shopping cart project .

(1) Smart shopping cart project is easy and quick to deploy .

When retailers plan to buy ordinary shopping cart , there are only 2 steps they need to do ,the first step is to buy smart shopping cart , the second step is to place them into the supermarket .Then shoppers could use it freely .

While deploying a smart shopping cart project is quite different , as a smart shopping cart has both hardware and software , the smart shopping cart software needs to be connected with the supermarket ERP system .

Some retailers may think that the ERP connection work cost much time, in fact , the ERP connection work is not so complicated , software engineers could implement all the connection work , and it usually cost only several months . Besides , there is no need to change any infrastructure of the supermarket , generally speaking , deploying smart shopping cart in a supermarket is easy and quick .

(2) Smart shopping cart project increases the efficiency of the retail store and ensures customers safety .

Retail industry has been a traditional industry and has been unchanged for long years , the physical retail efficiency is low compared with online retail .

Smart shopping cart project help customers finish their shopping process smoothly , and provides customers a quick shopping trip .With smart shopping cart in supermarket , the retail store’s shopping efficiency will increase .

As a smart shopping cart supports customers purchase items by themselves and check out by themselves , it has provided customers a frictionless shopping experience , this is significant important for customers due to the Covid-19 , which means the smart shopping cart could help ensure customers’ safety during the pandemic .

This is also a main reason that smart shopping cart is hot discussed after Covid-19 erupted .

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(3) Smart shopping cart project decreases the operating cost of the whole store .

Labour cost has always been a major cost component in a supermarket , a smart shopping cart project could decrease the operating cost .

Smart shopping cart project replace the cashiers’ work , so retailers could hire less cashiers in the supermarket ,accordingly , the operating cost will decrease .

Shoppers usually need to ask the supermarket staff for help in their shopping process , as the smart shopping cart provides customers a total self-service shopping experience ,retailers could also hire less staff in their store ,or even start a retail store like ”Amazon Go” store . (Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin)

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