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2 disadvantages of a smart shopping cart you may want to know 

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Smart shopping cart is becoming more and more popular as it has various advantages, including saving customers’ time, quickening the shopping process, and improving customers’ shopping experience. So some retail customers may wonder whether smart shopping carts have disadvantages.

Just as everyone has advantages and disadvantages, the answer is yes. As I have worked in Superhii Inc, a leading smart shopping cart company for several years, I can describe 2 disadvantages of the smart shopping cart. Though Superhii has always marked its slogan as “more efficiency with less manpower ”.

(1) A smart shopping cart can’t support children sitting on it.

Do you like shopping with your little children? Most children like to go shopping, and most customers like to take children with them when they go shopping.

Usually, customers who take their children to the supermarket used to place their little children into the shopping cart, but a smart shopping cart can’t support children sitting on it.

The reason is that there is a weight sensor on the bottom of the smart shopping cart, so if a child sits on the smart shopping cart, the weight sensor can’t work normally.

So what can the weight sensor be used to do in the shopping process?

In the shopping process using a smart shopping cart, when customers put items into the smart cart basket, the smart shopping cart will compare the actual weight with the standard weight, this can be a method of loss prevention.

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The weight sensor can also be used as a scale, when customers are purchasing fruits and vegetables, the weight sensor can help weigh fruits and vegetables.

(2) A smart shopping cart is more expensive than an ordinary shopping cart.

“All customers are price-sensitive customers .” So are retail customers, they care more about the smart shopping cart price.

Unfortunately, a smart shopping cart is more expensive than a shopping cart. Some retail customers used to compare smart shopping cart price with ordinary shopping cart price, and they think smart shopping cart is too expensive. It has been the main reason that some retail customers quit their smart shopping cart orders.

I must clarify that it is unfair, as a smart shopping cart is quite different from an ordinary shopping cart.

A smart shopping cart has more functions and can replace the cashier’s work, if a retailer deploys a smart shopping cart into its retail store, they can hire fewer cashiers then. The smart shopping cart could handle the cashier’s work freely. While a shopping cart only has the function of carrying items.

From this aspect, the smart shopping cart reduces many costs.

Another point that is worthy to mention is that a smart shopping cart helps increase sales revenues. As a smart shopping cart pushes precise coupons to customers, it can stimulate customers to purchase more items in a shipping journey.

From this aspect, the smart shopping cart increases sales revenue.(Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin)

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